Features 2020 - Luxello Black

By Stone World

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Price includes GST
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Presenting a collection of gorgeous patterned tiles perfect for any indoor areas from featured walls to beautiful floors. There’s something for everyone from the extensive choice in this range. Unleash your inner designer with these impressive tiles.

Ceramic tiles are incredibly versatile and affordable choice for any projects. They can be used just about anywhere in the home, indoors or outdoors as both wall and flooring tiles and even for benchtops or splashbacks if you wish.

This versatile range is easy to lay and the cushioned edges soften the finished look of the space you planning to transform.

Presented in matt finish, this ceramic tile range is suitable for any indoor area in your home. Carina Black, Orleans Black, and Cameron Silver feature undulated stripe finish.

Elevate any wall or floor area in your home or business with these beautiful patterns. From art deco to geometrical shapes, there’s something for everyone in this range.


Color Finish Size
Pianura White Matte 200×200
Pianura Grey Matte 200×200
Susan Black Matte 200×200
Susan Navy Matte 200×200
Esty Black Matte 200×200
Esty Brown Matte 200×200
Luxello Black Matte 200×200
Isla Navy Matte 200×200
Carina Black Matte with undulated stripe finish 200×200
Orleans Black Matte with undulated stripe finish 200×200
Cameron Silver Matte with undulated stripe finish 200×200


Tiles may vary in sizing, weight, colour, pattern, veining, texture, durability, density, surface and finish from batch to batch. Slip ratings serve as an indication and may vary for each batch of tiles. It is recommended that a new test be performed for each batch of tiles if a slip rating certificate is required. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and are not an exact representation of the product.