6 Burner Cooktop



5 Gas burners
Centre located wok burner
Removable light weight enamel trivets
Electronic ignition
Front control knobs
Wok adaptor
Flame faulire device
Available with LPG conversion
Connection: 10amp

Front located controls

Having the controls at the front allows more space between each burner, this means that different sized cookware can be used without getting in the way of each otherElectronic ignition

Conveniently and quickly use this cooktop by pushing and turning the control knobs to achieve the level of gas you are afterEasy to clean

The stainless steel finish, one piece cooktop, and removable controls and trivets allow for easy cleaning. For best results wipe away any spills with a damp cloth from the surface once the cooktop has cooled down.

Light weight enamel trivets

The light weight enamel trivets on this cooktop are strong enough to hold and move even the heaviest of cookware.Design

This cooktop has been designed to compliment all of the cooking appliances in the Bellissimo range.