Par Taps

QWC Wall Basin Set - 250mm Fixed on Plate -



WELS: 4 stars, 7.5 LPM

This notice applies to the following finishes:

• Antique Bronze • Rumbled Brass • Raw Brass • Brushed Brass • Native Brass • Burnished • Antique Copper • Brushed Copper • Bright Copper

About these Finishes

These finishes are a chemically induced “natural” or “living” finish. The chemical process used, oxidizes the surface producing a dark relatively soft finish. As a result, this finish will darken and patina, if not immediately, then over time. This patina effect will vary and alter the visual appearance of your product through time and use.

Please Note: The darkness and colour hue is affected by the material composition. It is not always possible to colour match between different parts or colour samples

Wax is applied to the finished surface to provide a degree of stabilisation and protection. This excludes Raw Brass and Native Brass.

The degree of change is dependent on many factors including environmental, eg. Exposure to humidity and temperature or Applied factors e.g. perspiration, cleaning agents, wear and abrasion. Therefore, the durability of the finish is low and directly related to its environment and the care and maintenance of the product.

For the complete Finish Disclosure and further information about these finishes, please contact Iconbathware via phone or email.