5322 Thermomirror EZ Demister Pad

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Thermomirror EZ Demister Pads are an ultra-thin demister pad that provides a clear and condensation free mirror even after a hot bath or shower. These pads are fully self-adhesive and have one 240V connection point for ease of installation. These demister pads are covered by a 5-year warranty.

Typically a mirror fogs up due to the difference in temperature of the mirror and the temperature in the bathroom. The bathroom is warm from the shower or bath whilst the mirror is cold and this difference in temperature causes it to fog up. The mirror defogger warms the mirror to reduce the difference in temperature ensuring a steam free mirror in the bathroom.

Product Code; 5322
Output; 99Watts
Warranty; 5yrs
Wiring Type; Concealed (Hardwired)
Mounting Method; Self-Adhesive


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